ARTIOLI is a brand producing the most expensive in the world Italian shoes that canonized the quality and style during its century-long story. The founder, Severino Artioli opened a shoe shop in Turin in the 1920s thereby initiating a family business – the manufacture of shoes.

In the late 1950s his son Vito Severino, father’s partner, revolutionized the shoe design. He took out a patent for innovative ideas for the shoe market of those times: metal buckle, shoes without laces and elastic laces for the “derby” model.

Nowadays as before the company ARTIOLI invests tens of millions in the development and adoption of innovative materials for new collections. In addition to became traditional leathers of iguana, llama, crocodile and ostrich the brand uses leathers of elephant, eel, kangaroo and shark for seasonal collections. Among fans of the brand there are Pablo Picasso, Salvatore Dalì, Frank Sinatra, Marcello Mastroianni; the entire political dynasties: Eisenhower, Kennedy and Onassis. Also the former leader of the Catholic world, Pope John Paul II, set his choice on ARTIOLI shoes.

Today the brand ARTIOLI took a place of honour at the Luxury Store, in the multi-brand men»s hall of the main shopping center in the Nizhnevolzhskaya naberezhnaya st.