Mono-brand boutique of BILLIONAIRE at the Luxury Store

In limits of the business strategy of development the Luxury Store introduced to the citizens of Nizhny Novgorod a new brand of fashion clothing BILLIONAIRE, the fact that was announced on the official website of the trademark.

The brand founded in 2005 by an enterprising Italian Flavio Briatore in collaboration with the famous fashion designer Angelo Galasso, specializes in the production of man’s clothes and shoes of premium quality.

The philosophy of Billionaire Couture bases on an extreme luxury, refined style and high quality handmade. The care taken in the choice of materials and cut, attention to details and limited production guarantee the man who chooses BILLIONAIRE will have a unique and exclusive look.

Phil Collins, George Harrison, Denzel Washington, Mickey Rourke, Philipp Kirkorov and many others wear BILLIONAIRE.

The plan of the global development of the brand proposes the opening of mono-brand shops around the world. The expansion of Billionaire amazes: Las Vegas, Dubai, London, Kiev, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.