Mono-brand boutique of ZILLI at the Luxury Store

In April 2013 the Luxury Store will open the doors of the mono-brand boutique of ZILLI. In the territory of 60 square meters of the main shopping center Luxury Store in the Nizhnevolzhskaya naberezhnaya st. there will take place French fashion experts’ masterpieces: suits, shirts, furs, ties, leather accessories, shoes and cufflinks of ZILLI. It is important to emphasize the exclusivity of the representation of ZILLI in the Nizhny Novgorod region that ensure the authentic French design of the boutique and the full assortment of the European brand .

The history of the most famous French maison of luxury menswear – ZILLI – began in 1970 with a small private workshop of a Lyon tailor Theophile Zilli. Currently, the brand ZILLI is represented in 32 countries around the world able to meet the most exacting tastes of men of any nationality. The president and founder of ZILLI Alain Schimel affirms that his team “produces pleasure” combining bold luxury of expensive materials with an exclusive design and a professional approach to every detail.

One of the most striking creations of the maison ZILLI is a man’s jacket of fine leather of white pig. French factories can produce just three or four copies of this item a year. This sort of leather is so rare that ZILLI is the unique company which uses it to produce clothes.

The philosophy of a true ZILLI-man is “having the best existent item”.