Luxury Store boutique

The main boutique of Luxury Store network presents best collections of world-known trademarks, producers of clothes, shoes and accessories, selected by our buyers according to specifics of the region and desires of clients. The multi-brand store with area of more than 300 square meters is created especially for connoisseurs of high quality, irreproachability and high style.

At the main entrance of the store, the clients find woman’s hall where ladies may see the brightest new arrivals of clothes, shoes and accessories of eminent couturier. From the woman’s hall the clients get to the hall of classic men’s clothes. There are suits, belts, accessories and shoes for men from world-known trademarks. The unique merit of Luxury Store boutique is a VIP-lounge where the clients may take breath, relax and choose a cigar or some elite alcohol to one’s taste.

Cozy and favorable atmosphere of the boutique, high professionalism of sales-advisors make the process of choosing clothes and accessories pleasant and easy.

Nizhnevolzhskaya naberezhnaya st. 8/7, phone +7(831) 430 36 30