TOM FORD – a new brand at the Luxury Store

Creative work of Tom Ford, on his own assurance, begins with a definition of what he would like to wear and what is missing in his wardrobe.

Every thing created under the TOM FORD brand nowadays is made exclusively in Italian workshops. Cutting and sewing jackets, trousers, shirts and jackets are the processes that reflect the creators’ excellent mastery. Making a suit can take up to 19 hours…

There in Italy they also create shoes and accessories limited collections of the highest quality leather.

Tom Ford himself often emphasizes the particular meaning of the word «quality» for the goods produced under his name, it’s of primary importance for everything.

TOM FORD brand’s philosophy is revealed in the aspiration for extreme elegance, creating beautiful clothes and accessories that will last for a long time.

Tom Ford owns the famous technology made-to-measure which essence is to produce impeccable clothes of very expensive fabrics that can even imitate human skin. Clothes created by this technology, perfectly meet the needs of modern men who want to look natural, handsome and self-confident.